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We help businesses elevate the alue ere custom softwa topmet, product fr design lored many of the easier. technicians lif making people.
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product design

More than 30 designers

Source factory

Guaranteed price, quality and delivery time


Select industry-leading materials

Since 1990

A professional bag factory in China for over 30+ year-experience

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Custom Design Waterproof bag

Custom Design

we can offer design, bag solution, lab test in-house to help customers control product quality from raw materials to well-finished products.

High-Quality Bag Provider bag

High-Quality Bag Provider

A professional bag factory in China for over 30+ year-experience:

Guaranteed delivery

Guaranteed delivery

Strong process management control and complete ERP system

Shorter production lead time

To be a reliable and supportive supplier, we are positive and flexible to fulfill customer’s demand.

One-stop service

Own property over 23,000 square meters.Large Nylon and waterproof workshop in site

Various packages with high cost performance

we are specialized in backpack, duffels, PU leather bags, Cooler bags, bike bag, waterproof bag ect...


More than 30 technical and quality control members


Perfect solutions for more than 60 application scenarios

Experienced Research and Development Team


Experienced Research and Development Team


Serving brands in more than 180 countries and regions

Our Faq

Frequently Asked Questions?

  • What can Winfung support customers to achieve their new development once we receive the design?

    We can produce different kinds of DIY waterproof bags for customers, for example: Lightweight waterproof backpack, waterproof bicycle bags, waterproof dry bag, waterproof pouch and waterproof duffel bags. Once we have customers’ design, we normally start to make a paper pattern first to evaluate the size and construction for customer’s view. It can save time and cost to help customers to review their design for shell body. In this way, our valuable customers can enjoy a review of approximate shell body without making a real sample free of charge. After further discussion, we will start a stitching sample or molding set-up to make a sample once confirmed by customers flexibly. As a professional bag factory, what I want to say is that our configuration is comprehensive, because we have our own sewing sample room and waterproof bag sample room in same building.To choose us to start your new development of waterproof bag, you will get a good and quick service.

    Nov 16,2023
  • Are you one of the DISNEY suppliers?

    Winfung is proud to be one of the DISNEY suppliers for over 10 years and has established long term relationship with DISNEY for both the US and Europe market, we offer sample development, fabric and accessories physical testing, production, shipping and exporting for customer. 

    Furthermore, to be his supplier, we also need to have a clear strong supplier chains who are having FAMA certificates at the same time for materials and accessories.

    Nov 17,2023
  • Do you pass any factory audit?

    Yes of course, pass factory audit always play an important role for customers to evaluate a potential supplier’s reliability and capabilities. To find a qualified manufacturer by the 3rd party, like BV, SGS, this is an important matching step…

    As a premium bag manufacturer in China, Winfung have passed ISO9001, SA8000, SMETA, SGS, BV and obtained DISNEY FAMA certificate.

    As we all know, how strict is Disney with some certificates request! We believe that with these china manufacturing audits, it can help you to make the decision on whether work with these suppliers or not at the very beginning.

    Nov 14,2023
  • Can you offer a waterproof bag sample for our testing before we place order?

    Yes, we can make custom waterproof bag or nylon bag sample based on your own design sketches with full requirement for you to check our quality first before bulk order. You can share with us your tech-pack or some of your ideas, we have our strong R&D technology team will work together with you to create waterproof bag collection from scratch.

    If you need to make some modifications according to the sample after you receive them, we will revise them until you are satisfied with final design. 

    Nov 15,2023
how we work

How we process your order

Order Confirmation and Planning

Upon receiving an order, the first step is to confirm the details of the order (such as quantity, design, delivery deadline, etc.) and develop a detailed production plan based on this information. This stage is the foundation of the entire production process and needs to be accurate and error-free.

Raw Material Procurement and Preparation

Based on the production plan, procure the necessary raw materials and accessories. This stage ensures the quality of materials meets standards and that they arrive on time to avoid production delays.

Production Processing

Actual manufacturing takes place on the production line, including cutting, sewing, assembling, etc. Quality control is strict during this phase to ensure each product meets the customer's requirements.

Quality Inspection and Shipment

After production, a rigorous quality check is conducted to ensure each bag meets the set standards. Products that pass the inspection are then packed and arranged for shipment, marking the final completion of the order.

Our Testimonial

Produce the latest products for our customers

"First and foremost, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for the exceptional quality that Winfung has consistently delivered in our waterproof bag products. Your team's attention to detail and commitment to high standards have ensured that our products stand out in the market. The consistency and durability of each batch not only have earned our trust but also have garnered consumer recognition for our brand. This dedication to quality is the cornerstone of our successful collaboration.”

Gary Growles

- June 08, 2019

"We are also immensely grateful for the efficient and professional customer service provided by Winfung. Whether it's project communication and coordination or the rapid response to unforeseen issues, your team has always managed to maintain a high level of efficiency and professionalism, ensuring the smooth progress of our projects. This level of service greatly enhances our operational efficiency and strengthens our partnership.”

Albert Honneker

- June 01, 2020

"The innovation and expertise in product design demonstrated by Winfung have left a profound impression on us. Your design team not only understands our brand philosophy but also translates these concepts into practical product designs. This design capability not only enhances the market appeal of our products but also strengthens the uniqueness of our brand. We sincerely appreciate the creativity and professionalism of your design team.”


- May 13, 2016

"Lastly, we would like to express our thanks for the efforts Winfung has made in maintaining and enhancing product quality. From the selection of raw materials to the strict monitoring of the production process, every step reflects your relentless pursuit of quality. This focus on quality not only ensures the superior performance of our products but also helps in building a positive market reputation for our brand.Once again, thank you to the Winfung team for your outstanding work, and we look forward to achieving even greater success in our future collaborations.”


- March 10, 2016
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We help businesses elevate the alue ere custom softwa topmet, product fr design lored many of the easier. technicians lif making people.
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