The establishment of the WIN brand is to hope to have a good performance in every challenge in life



Company profile
Winfung Worldwide Enterprises Ltd. is the headquarter and established in 1990 in Hongkong, China.

Huizhou Winfung Handbag Enterprises Ltd. is established in 1994 in Guangdong China.

Huizhou Hongfeng Technology Development Co., is one of the branches of Huizhou Winfung Handbag Enterprises Ltd., for Nylon bags, Leather bags and waterproof bags in 2018.

Huizhou Hongfeng Technology Development Co., is to be one of the key shareholders of Weike (Cambodia) in 2020.
New factory name: Winfung& Weike Leather (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.

Company Location
Huizhou Hongfeng in China
Location: In Huiyang, Huizhou city, Guangdong, 80km away from Shenzhen Airport, 100km from Hongkong Airport.

Factory property: 23,000 square meters own property

Winfung & Weike Leather (Cambodia) CO., LTD
Cambodia Location: Section 25, Highway NO. 4, Phnom Penh, The Kingdom of Cambodia. 13 kilometers away from Phnom Penh airport

Factory property:10,000 square meters

Our History                                                                                                           Since 1990 from Hongkong

Factory in Guangdong CN from 1994